Bobbin Bicycles Gingersnap 12 Inch 2016 Kids Bike Green EV259013 6000 1_Large

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The Veloretti Maxi – Bananarama is the perfect first pedal bike for your child. This stylish pedal bike is perfect for kids that are ready to discover the world on their own. With the Veloretti Maxi -Bananarama, kids can learn how to ride a bike safely thanks to the equipped hand brakes and stabilizers.

The Veloretti Maxi – Bananarama is the perfect first pedal bike for your child.

Beautiful Wooden Kids Bike | Photography by Claire Courtney

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Veloretti Mini - Dark Pink

The Veloretti Mini Dark Pink is the ideal balance bike and the perfect first bicycle for kids aged between 2 to Weight: kg Minimum saddle height (from the floor): 36 cm *The mini Dark Pink is out of stock and will be back mid September

Infographic on how to choose and what features should we look at, when picking up the right balance bike: frame material, tires, size, weight, limited turning, footrest, transformability, brakes and concealed bolts - Cool Biking Kids

Choosing between balance bikes (infographic) - Cool Biking Kids

Wondering about bike sizing for kid's bikes? Here's how to tell the right size kids bike you need.

How to Choose the Right Size Bike for Your Kid

9 tips to help your kids #bike smart. #helmet #infographic

9 Smart Biking Tips for Your Kids (Infographic)

Infographic about how to safely transport your kids on bikes courtesy of

How to transport kids on bikes. Especially for committed and parents who want to become car-free, here's a post that compares all the different ways to transport kids on bikes

e you get the right size bike by following our Kids Bike Sizing Chart:

Using our kid's bike growth chart is a great way to make sure you pick the right sized bike

How to repaint a kids bike... Use Luke's 12" for Kate maybe? Make it girlier looking?

How to Paint a Bike- {DIY Kinda Girl

The power of spray paint never ceases to amaze me. Today I have Heather from diy kinda girl here to share how she turned a little girl’s bike into an orange and blue little guy’s ride.

This is SUCH a smart idea! I love that there are even hooks for the helmets! Free building plans for Bicycle Rack {Addicted2DIY}

Simple DIY Kid's Bicycle Rack with Helmet Storage

Simple DIY Bicycle Rack (with free plans) - Addicted 2 DIY Build this simple and inexpensive bike rack with these FREE plans! It even holds helmets and scooters! Need fantastic tips and hints regarding arts and crafts?

Suggested activities for kids' bike rodeo (kind of like learning stations for bikes!) Also check out the related articles, there's lots of great stuff!

Fun Events and Activities to Use at a Bike Rodeo

Fun Events and Activities to use at a Bike Rodeo kids bike clinic: Playing newspaper boy is a lot of fun.