During the summer of 2012, my daughter and I visited a restaurant at the beach that gave me an idea. The restaurant had som...

Easy Breezy Sunday School: Prayer Cross- could use square tissue boxes instead of wooden boxes.

I am always looking for new ways to encourage kids to pray, especially to get them out of the rut of talking/asking/praising about the same ...

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer. Would change the "pointer finger" to pray for our elders, deacons, minister, Bible class teachers, etc.

DIY prayer hands for kids - Teaching a child to pray on their own.   yourmodernfamily.com

prayer hands for kids

Count Your Blessings – Kids stack Legos, or Duplos, thanking God for a blessing with each one.

How to Use Prayer Stations with Children

Count Your Blessings – Kids stack Legos, or Duplos, thanking God for a blessing…

Easy way to remind the kids to be thankful! More understandable for a child than traditional prayers before meals and bed.

Meal Times Thank you. Should print and hang to say before meals and snacks. Routine and rhyme for transition and group social involvement and language ELG's - 28 - Rhyme and reading, learning script and songs.

How to make a prayer card box for praying with kids! A great tool for devotional or prayer time. For parents too!

How to Make a Prayer Card Box for Praying With Your Kids - How to make a simple prayer card box for praying with your kids during devotional time at home. Works well for parents too!

Hannah prayed for Samuel. Prayer book for preschoolers

the parable Jesus tells in the gospel about the need to pray to God often. (story of the woman who regularly asks the judge for mercy and he finally grants it due to her consistency)