Cool of this summer with this super fun water game. Teams race to fill their bucket. kids|activity|summer|fun|family activity|group activity #summersunfun #cbias [ad]

Fill the Bucket Outdoor Water Game

Frozen Tshirt Race Outdoor games to play in SUMMER–keep those kids active!

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER-keep those kids active

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER - all you need: water, cups, bucket. We did these one summer at a girls camp & my kids all wanted to play them!

25 DIY Fun Water Activities For Kids

25 Kids Water Activities - keep your kids busy and cool this Summer! Make the sponges to play duck duck goose game. Play water balloon piñata in afternoon time frame

Over 30 Easy DIY Summer Outdoor Games to play with the kids! Water balloon games and more!

Over 30 Awesome Summer Outdoor Games to Play with the Kids

water fight

25 Water Games & Activities For Kids

Fun game for scouts--Water wars bus promotion. Fill the bottle on top of kids head with a water gun or spray bottle!

Easy DIY Tutorial on How To make Kids Sponge Water Bombs! Great idea for Summer Kids Parties!

How to make sponge bombs for super Summer fun. Dip in water & toss at each other to cool off and have a sponge bomb fight!

water balloon games – egg and spoon race

water balloon games - egg and spoon race

Use water balloons instead of eggs - what a fun take on the 'egg & spoon race', perfect for an outdoor summer party :)