Guided Reading: Great activities to do with students to help them learn to read.

Guided Reading Activities

given cards with a picture and a word with missing letters, children will be able to fill in the missing letter to create the word based off of the picture. To develop effective language skills, both listening and speaking.

Read, Write, Build- Pre-Primer and Primer sight words. Perfect for Guided Reading and Word Work centers.

Read It, Build It, Write It Sight Words

I want to prepare these before the school year to always have for literacy centers! Read, Write, Build- Pre-Primer and Primer sight words. Perfect for Guided Reading and Word Work centers.

What's the first letter? (a to h) - Worksheets & Activities | GreatSchools

Kindergarten Math Worksheets: And 3 more makes

This worksheet allows students to fill in the letter that belongs at the beginning of each word. This activity is perfect for Kindergarten or first grade because the corresponding pictures serve as a helpful aid for beginning readers!

FREE Sequencing Reading Comprehension For Beginning Readers Set 3

FREE Reading Comprehension For Beginning Readers 4 Free Emergent Reading Comprehension and Fluency Passages. To see the full packet here:Reading Comprehension SET 3 - Beginning Readers

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages Freebies!!

Reading skills and comprehension for 5 year olds in infantile or 1 EPO Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages Freebies!

Short A is usually the first phonics sound you teach in kindergarten and first grade so I figured it'd be a great sound to show you teaching...

Supports reading in language arts. Short A Activities and Resources (including freebies!) - Spin a Word is awesome short vowel reading practice and helps with nonsense word fluency as well!

Decoding drills for fluency are a perfect and fun way for kindergarten and first graders to practice decoding words. They help build speed and automaticity, which improves reading fluency. They also make great reading intervention activities. I love that they are differentiated and include real and nonsense words.

Decoding Drills for Phonics Fluency

I’ve been using decoding drills at the beginning of reading intervention blocks. Students read the cvc words across the row. Once they are able to fluently read a page, we move on to the next struggling reading reading activities kindergarten reading