Knights of the Round Table . . . the fate of Camelot rests in their hands.  Oh boy . . .

Knights of the Round Table- Tom Hopper, Adetomiwa Edun, Bradley James, Rupert Young, & Eoin Macken

The Great Hall and Round Table, Winchester, Hampshire, England.  13th century hall.  King Arthur, Knights,

The Great Hall, Winchester, Hampshire. Henry viii had the Tudor Rose painted on the round table to suggest he was descended from Arthur and therefore the rightful king.

king arthur knight

king arthur knight

Arthur and the knights

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Arthur and the knights<<< If they keep starring in to the camera like that I going to die

Royal Doulton King Arthur's Knights Rack Plate D2961 by SpringRainVintage on Etsy

Royal Doulton King Arthur's Knights Rack Plate D2961

Royal Doulton King Arthur's Knights Rack by SpringRainVintage

Tintagel stairs to King Arthur's Castle, Tintangel, U.K.

Tintagel stairs, The village and nearby Tintagel Castle are associated with the legends surrounding King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table.

The knights of the Derp Table.  Ha what's great is that usually the derp faces are accidental in between faces you have to be lucky to catch.... All of Arthur's there are totally on purpose.

Arthur Derpdragon & his knights of Derpalot -Lolol this is too funny! I love Arthur's faces!