A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~!!! But I think it's kinda sad I can name everyone of these heartless...

A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~! Some of my favorite heartless (+some that are cute but I actually hate fighting.) A new print up for pre-order in my store ☄✨ The next con to see this irl will be Otafest ♡♡.

nijuukoo: “ “There is always a way ” I have a lot of emotions about the queen ;______; ”

"That's not true.my heart is strong.I'll prove it!" Agua Quote from Kingdom Hearts Trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 2

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Box Art Revealed

Get Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prologue release date cover art, overview and trailer. Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prologue is a compilation of three titles from the popular Kingdom Hearts series. This package includes Kingdom Hearts.

Tumblr || KingdomKeySora: Kingdom Hearts Sora Fanart by MRLIPSCHUTZ

Drive Forms Sora can have in Kingdom Hearts 2 Red is Valor, Blue is Wisdom, Yellow is Master, and White is Final Form

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