Half sleeve tattoos have become a favorite for men who want the best of both worlds – a tattoo design that can be covered for work and professional events, yet visible in a short-sleeve shirt in social settings. Half or even quarter sleeve tattoos also offer enough space that an artist can really develop a cool tattoo idea and still have a shoulder, back, chest and forearm to expand the design into a collage. If you haven’t decided on your artwork, check out our gallery of the best half…

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

We’ve collected 55 Awesome Different Men's Tattoos to inspire you! We also have the meaning and symbolism behind the common men’s tattoo designs.

link.  love the stained glass idea, though I think it's too much for a sleeve.

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Man With Knight Armor Tattoo

Muscle your way into the top 90 best cool arm tattoos for guys. Explore manly upper limb ink design ideas from realistic to abstract body art.

Cool Arm Tattoos For Guys - Armor

Arm Tattoos For Men

Take it up a notch with these top 50 best arm tattoos for men. Discover manly upper arm designs and ideas.

Batman...if I ever got a tattoo it be something like this but then again...I might change my mind so most likely not

Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Pop culture- Batman and Hamlet are both trying to avenge there fathers death.

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Gepanzerte Tattoo-Schultern

This particular knight will never be without his armor thanks to this beautiful tattoo done by Dmitry Bronya. It looks just like an armored shoulder pad and even has an angel etched into the armor plate. (Notice the scar slashed armor!


A beleza da imperfeição em tatuagens

Finally my tattoo! Half sleeve tattoo of Batman, Superman, Joker and Harley Quinn from Lee Bermejo comic by Nina Jolan / Imago / Montreal / 2013 for Carl.

Batman Tattoos

Batman Tattoos for men stand for good societal values such as justice. Check out our gallery of images with the coolest Superhero tats.

Rose tribal Tattoo by ~Patrike on deviantART  Beautiful piece of artwork ♥ ♥

Rose tribal Tattoo by ~Patrike on deviantART, I love the shape and shading on this tattoo design.