Something as simple as teaming a grey wool sport coat with black trousers can potentially set you apart from the crowd. Channel your inner Ryan Gosling and rock a pair of black leather oxford shoes to class up your look. Shop this look on Lookastic: — White Dress Shirt — Black Knit Tie — Black Pocket Square — Grey Wool Blazer — Dark Brown Bracelet — Gold Watch — Black Chinos — Black Leather Oxford Shoes

Men's Grey Wool Blazer, White Dress Shirt, Black Chinos, Black Leather Oxford Shoes

Consider wearing a grey wool blazer and black casual trousers if you're going for a neat, stylish look. Show your sartorial prowess with a pair of black leather oxford shoes.

Cravate tricot de cravates - cravates en cachemire soie, laine, mérinos - ados tricotés à la main de l'homme sur Etsy, $77.19 CAD

Men hand knit ties Merino wool silk cashmere ties by Plektra,

Knitted ties - The textured design will add an off-beat touch to neat tailoring or can be used to elevate an Oxford shirt and sweater to new heights!

More knitted ties! Never in a million years would David let me put a knitted tie on him. Dang it.

Bring your outfit alive by adding patterned or striped shirts with a splash of color. Tie by Luca Rubinacci

great combo red knit tie, blue white stripe shirt, blue grey jacket---i looooove knit ties

How To Knit A Tie

Over the past two years or so, I’ve really gotten back into knitting. My grandma taught me when I was much younger. We’d sit on the couch together after I got home from elementary schoo…

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Knitted Tie-Up Pullover Sweater

Knit-Tie Pullovers - 50% off sale <3