Knitted grass! This is from the progress images leading to the window display at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, Spring 2013. I do not need knitted grass, but I love knowing it is possible.

Artist, Juliet Hone, has brought us another beautiful window display! This time Julie created an explosion of color to contrast our previous all-white window. Her inspiration came when she saw a ma…

3D Textiles - machine knitted surface patterns & dimensional texture; inspiring knit design // Noa Weil Raviv

Noa Weil Raviv - Knitted by industrial knitting machine. These pieces were inspired by old hand grounded crystal dishes.

How to Convert Hand Knit Patterns into Knitting Machine Patterns | Machine Knitting Advice

There are many benefits to using a knitting machine to create your knitted goods at home. For example, you can finish large knitting projects in a few hours

100+ Free Knitting Machine Videos | knittsings

Knitting machines galore since one is never enough, photo tutorials, and knits gone wild

Machine Knitting 101 - I love this site.

Machine Knitting 101 - I love this site. With li ks to "Angelica's yarn shop" where she explains everything about buying a knitting machine!

Basics of Machine Knitting | Keep & Share

Basics of Machine Knitting Johanna Hemenway

Machine Knitted Scarves by rollingtheberries, via Flickr Great colour combinations.

They are not giant—just normal scarf sizes. I make these on domestic knitting machines. I love machine knitting.

machine knitting symbols_ from Brother Home Study Course

study” images and explanations relating to machine knitting symbols .

Crochet cast-on for the knitting machine.

Crochet cast-on for the knitting machine.