I have!l thanks to audibles! Nothing like getting lost in a book and knitting! http://fatlossnews.com/?weight_loss_pill_zantrex_side_effects

If I could find a way to read & knit at the same time, my life would be perfect.

I'm a procrastinKNITter by choice.

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If you only knew how much swearing was stitched into your hand-knitted gift. Too true...

"If you only knew how many swears were stitched into your hand-knitted gift." I mean, I make up my own swear words, but still yes.

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Zealana yarns are something extraordinary - ultra soft, durable, pill-resistant yarns that are light and warm.

If I'm sittin', I'm knittin'!

This is the new logo for our Thursday night knitting group. We plan to order nylon bags with this logo printed on them.