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Natsu and Lucy are friends as kids and he’s much, much shorter than her. The dorky kid had always had a crush on her and he felt his heart beat a .

Natsu, Jellal, funny, text; Fairy Tail

Funny fairy tail texts my favorite FT text ever! XD "its actually Gray" my gosh Natsu XD

Fairy Tail - Lucy and Aquarius by Blue-Ten

Some Fairy Tail fanart XD. Chapter 422 introduced Lucy's new technique that actually lets her fight, potentially at a level closer to Erza's (which is a. Fairy Tail - Lucy and Aquarius

Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You by DobbyWobbyAznNinja on DeviantArt

A doujinshi! Cause I felt like doing a comic after recent and awesomely inspiring one Enjoy! Nalu Doujin- I'll Always Be There for You

I'll gladly join Fairy Tail anytime don't have to tell me twice

I whoud be like Roses are red , happy is blue nalu is great , fairy tail too ♡ join us ? Somethinh like that.

gajeel x juvia// fairy  tail

Gajeel & Juvia Comic ~~ credit to the artist ^ - ^ Their friendship is so cute ♪