Kylie Jenner looking elegantly gothic with this blue dip dye!

Photo: Frazer Harrison/ By Danielle Odiamar It seems like every other day someone is dying her hair a different color of the rainbow. After seeing Kylie Jenner’s bright greenish blue hair, I knew that this was the color I’d been waiting for.

keeping-up-with-the-jenners: “ I actually really liked Kylie’s short blue hair ”

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Dreamy blue hair. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, and one of the hottest celebrities on the planet, Kylie Jenner. Look out Kim. Thanks to her fame and selfies, Kylie has a  loyal Instagram following of 50 million. She never fails to provide us with cute outfits, dope style and fashion, amazing Make Up tips. We love Kylie Jenner. Beautiful body, stylish clothes, gorgeous girl.

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Kylie Jenner Challenge quickly Ice Bucket Challenge was all the rage this summer. Jenner family is the web chat with her luscious lips is then broken .

Kylie Jenner navy blue hair  Is this turning into a blue hair board? cus I'm cool with it

Kylie Jenner navy blue hair Not that I'm a fan of Kylie or anything, I am a fan of her style and this is so pretty

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Kylie Jenner Spends $5K On Chinese Takeout