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Kylo Ren by Alex Malveda <- . That's Darth Revan. And Revan would annihilate Kylo's pansy ass.

I sometime feels like we're from different worlds. Like we've never actually met, I just hope I get to meet you again. And hope it doesn't turn out the way it did again.

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blackoutravendeathsdoor: “You interfered with my darkness.. you had too much light…. ”

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Knights of the Old Republic - Revan Portrait by KPants.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I was working on a parody poster using this asset from my original piece, The Old Republic - Rise of an Empire

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Darth Revan: warrior, conquerer, Imperial marauder, Republic savior, hero, villain, Sith Lord, Jedi Master.

Darth Revan Facts..

Anyone think to correct the fact that it says revan is the only Jedi to go to the dark side and return to light side Vader also did

The technology in the galaxy far far away has always been crazy.

About the new Lightsaber

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Citizens are reminded not to enter the dog park. (Source: terrible-reflection)

His trademark touch is to play the creepy robot-like portion of the song "Molly" at every crime scene.

Show me again the power of the darkness..

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Dark Lords Of The Sith: A Darth Primer [INFOGRAPHIC] | Shirts.com - #starwars #episode7 #theforceawakens

Dark Lords Of The Sith: A Darth Primer, infographic


Dominions/Lordships hide themselves from humans

assorted-goodness: Star Wars Illustrations Created by Sandy + Steve Pell Artist: Website || Behance || Twitter

assorted-goodness: “ Star Wars Illustrations Created by Sandy + Steve Pell Artist: Website


KYLO REN = REVAN + REYLO’S FUTURE You know why I ship Reylo so fuckin’ badly? Or the bridal carry.

Spoiler alert! One of the most shocking moments in my gaming history was when I played Knights of The Old Republic,  around the end of the game I found out that my character was the evil dark lord REVAN you have been hearing about since the beginning!!!

Darth Revan, Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. He only comes in at second for my all time favorite Star Wars character.

futuristic, architecture, and grey image

futuristic, architecture, and grey image

"being dramatic is my life" oh god what is this

Actually, this is untrue. Many Sith wore helmets like this. In fact, Kylo Ren's helmet is almost identical to former Sith Lord Darth Revan's.