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OMG, totally in love <3 It is Ladera Resort in St Lucia...check out more beach travel tips only on

The Caribbean is home to some of the most private beach resorts, exclusive beach trails, and one-of-a-kind waterfalls and evergreen plantations. I've been to the Cayman Islands, but never St.

Ladera Resort, St. Lucia... Cannot wait to stay here!!!! Every room only has 3 walls! Open to the rain forest, Pitons, and sea!!!

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Cannot wait to stay here! Every room only has 3 walls! Open to the rain forest, Pitons, and sea!

Ladera, St. Lucia Want a unique experience? This is one of the best in the world. All rooms in this ultra-private resort are open-air, meaning that one wall is completely removed for a luxury tree-house feel. Your unobstructed view of the Pitons—twin volcanic mountains rising up out of the ocean below—plus a private plunge pool mean you never have to leave your room.

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Ladera st lucia resort is the only resort in St.Lucia located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea

Ladera - hotel in St. Lucia (personally recommended by a friend)

We are Caribbean travel specialists so try us for your holiday to Ladera Resort, St Lucia Find the latest offers here or speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team.

Ladera, St Lucia

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Their trip landed a little closer to home: Ladera on lush, tropical St. Lucia in the Caribbean.And on the same island but feet below it: Sugar Beach (Viceroy).

Ladera, St Lucia: This hotel has it’s rooms built into a hillside, and has a to-kill-for view. But the view is not it; it also has an amazing open-air wedding pavilion, 23 suites, nine villas, and a tropical spa.Image via Ladera Source: Forbes

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