Oh, Always fear the monochrome, For he can see you in your own home.

Love this poem>>>>It gives me a FNAF vibe. I think this would be AWSOME to hear as a song.

Laughing Jack.  I honestly feel really bad for him, if you've watched his origin story on YouTube,  you can totally tell that Jack just wanted to play and have a friend.

If I were him I would take that little pouty face and turn it into a silly face start laughing uncontrollably and roll around in the colours and start screaming "ILL GET MY COLOR BACK I WILL!

omg I love this its not just l.j but a bit of his story aswell <3

Picture on the history "The Origin Laughing Jack", belongs ________________ just my impressions of a good short story))) See also: Fan Laughing Jack Isaac

Laughing Jack.

Laughing Jack.

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How can you call yourself a Creepypasta fan without this huh!