Yoga socks spats / dance socks / boot socks by CloudberryFactory

Yoga socks spats / dance socks / boot socks leg warmers Blue teal very long knee high gift for yoga Clothing Accessories Women legwear

Under Armour Leg Warmers. Warm, snug and built to stay put. The perfect accessory for your studio classes, from yoga to barre.

Body-weight training is appealing to a wide range of gym-goers. For beginners, the thought of doing a classic pushup-plank combo can be a lot less intimidating than those complex-looking machines. more »

Leg Warmers.... It's like Flash Dance all over again, ha! their back........ omg 1980's but these have a much better layering effect and seem to mesh into the outfit better.

Black leggings, black leg warmers, and black shoes. Would look amazing with a long off the shoulder and over sized sweater. Love the leg warmers!

Stirrup Legwarmers #anthropologie #anthrofave

Stirrup Legwarmers

love these stirrup leg warmers. They remind me of my childhood joy: stirrup pants. I used to love riding the carousel wearing my stirrup pants.

We love, Love, LOVE these alpaca legwarmers!  You will too!!!!

Brushed Cable Leg Warmers

Great for lounging or topping off your favorite pair of boots. Fiber Content: Baby Alpaca / Microfiber Suggested Care: Turn inside out

Charcoal Ombre Leg Warmer, cute

Hallelujah! & Winter favorites!