Load of different mecha guns.


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Spitting Dragon, LEGO mecha for Mobile Frame Zero. Built by ~MittenNinja.

AMS JE06 Jebat "Pahlawan" by Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann #LEGO #MOC #mecha #robot

AMS JE06 Jebat "Pahlawan" by Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann #LEGO #MOC #mecha #robot

There’s a lot to love about Titanfall 2, but one of the best things is the design of the game’s mechs. And while we wait for expensive action figures to hit, we can pass the time with these awesome LEGO models built by Marius Herrmann.

Custom Titanfall LEGO Is Great

Combine all three, and you’ve got a perfect storm of geekiness: Lego Titanfall 2 Titans! These amazingly detailed models are the work …


LEGO Mecha – The LEGO robots by Lu Sim

After the awesome "LEGO Evangelion – A tall custom model", here are the creations of Lu Sim, aka , who achieves excellent LEGO robots and mechas.