Lego world War 2 German trench

Awesome Lego bunker it Looks like the first level of company of heroes

Vapourlypse Soldier Custom Minifigure

Vapourlypse is a very nice range of custom minifigures by Bowbrick, Bricko, and General JJ combining the elegance of steampunk with the harshness of apoc.

LEGO Bilderrahmen Rahmen Kunst - Han Solo und Prinzessin Leia - Sterne Krieg Hochzeit - LEGO Minifigur Display - Hochzeitsgeschenk - Wand-Dekor - Displays

LEGO I love you I know Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Framed Art - Star War Wedding - LEGO Minifigure Display - Wedding Gift

Items similar to LEGO Star Wars Framed Art - Han Solo & Princess Leia - LEGO Minifigure Display - Wedding Gift - Wall Decor - Picture Frames Displays on Etsy

Heute haben wir ein neues Tier im Set LEGO® DUPLO® 10584 Wildpark entdeckt. Dieses hübsche Rentier war es leid, sich wegen seiner schönen roten Nase hänseln zu lassen. Deshalb beschloss es, eine Weile zu verreisen und seine lieben Freunde im Wildpark zu besuchen.

Today we spotted a new animal in the LEGO® DUPLO® 10584 Forest: Park set. This handsome reindeer was getting a little tired of being teased about his beautiful red nose, so he decided to get away for (New Diy Ideas)

Battle of Gettysburg

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Here’s a fun LEGO building project – construct some Ewoks! You can find step-by-step instructions below. These cute Ewoks fit well with the scale of our other LEGO Star Wars projects – R2-D2, C3P0, and Yoda. We chose to make tan and brown Ewoks, with lime green and brown for the hood colors. Build them …

LEGO Ewoks Building Instructions