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The one thing that signs will not do. Scorpio-Betray the ones they love most

LEO i know ,i`ve seen it

Leos are not intentionally hurtful to anyone. They keep quiet about a lot. It's only when they feel attacked that they will become that vicious lion.

I got those eyes that see into your soul

I always wondered what my sweet hubby saw in me. One day after he passed, my boss said he wished I could have seen his face when he caught sight of me. He said he lit up with the biggest smile. I miss my sweet hubby more than words can express.

haha ohhhhh Leo's... most people have us all wrong! That's what makes it all the sweeter when someone totally gets you...

jazzorenee: zodiaccity: "I’m A Leo! Words from a Leo. Say word Leo

Amazing Zodiac Facts & Traits

Amazing Zodiac Facts & Traits

there is only one i would fight for..........

Getman Leos are lovers not fighters but they will fight for what they love

#Leo #zodiac                            I don't fully believe you can get to know someone by knowing his/her zodiac symbol. However, there are generalities which are true in most cases.

zodiacspot: Read more about your Zodiac sign here sooo true, lol

# leo.  I mean really, who do you think you are ... flip side we probably will still talk to you but with much caution.

My ex friend did that she would talk to everyone else but me then she will talk to me I'm like nope u want to talk find someone who will listen after u ignore her

I actually cried when I read mine. I really needed to hear that #Leo

What the 12 Zodiac Signs Need to Hear. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign-off needz a gemini to read this 😝

Hell yeah! I'm an Aquarius.  Now to decide whether to be a villian or hero...

As a Sagittarius I am happy to be a villain and blow things up.>> Also as a Sagittarius, I am happy to be a hero and travel across dimensions.