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I am looking back at an immensely eventful month. Today I will upload my final fashion week update from Paris. After three exciting fashion.

A blogueira Leonie Hanne arrasa nos looks e usa várias tendências sem deixar as produções caricatas. E ela não chama atenção apenas pelas roupas.

Conheça o Estilo da Blogueira Leonie Hanne

Playing tourist in London Streetstyle: Mavi jeans, Gucci sneaker & bamboo bah, ruffle blouse

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We give you tips and suggestions about the best tours of Italy. Italy is such a diverse country that you need to choose carefully what you want to see before leaving.

sunset behind the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at the Ritz-Carlton I Abu Dhabi http://www.ohhcouture.com/2017/04/abu-dhabi-2017/ #leoniehanne #ohhcouture

Abu Dhabi ’17

The dreamiest place to catch the sunset at Sheik Zayed Mosque. Find lots of new pictures and my favorite spots in my new Abu Dhabi post (link in bio).

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WEBSTA @ ohhcouture - I don't mind chilly temperatures in Paris, because I can finally wear overknees and my light coat.

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While we are declaring that Taylor Swift is indeed the new fashion queen, this does not mean that we are trying to minimize the contributions of others, but just that she is indeed the newest fashion queen.

Beach & skyline, Dubai travel guide: http://www.ohhcouture.com/2017/01/dubai-travelguide/ | #ohhcouture #LeonieHanne

Dubai Travelguide

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Conheça o Estilo da Blogueira Leonie Hanne

Fashion is in a constant state of flux. Fashion is whatever you want it to be, really. Keep reading for more tips to keep ahead of the fashion game.

Dubai Mall, Dubai travel guide: http://www.ohhcouture.com/2017/01/dubai-travelguide/ | #ohhcouture #LeonieHanne

Dubai Travelguide

My dear ones, naturally I will tell you all about my short but eventful trip to Dubai soon in an extensive travel guide, but.

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Hotel Ancora Positano Nothing beats pizza for take away when you have a…