MOMO, I can't tell you when I first had this thought.... but I can tell you, we were together.

Never imagined I would be capable of such love and passion for one soul. He IS my all and proves it to me every second. (What was my life before him.

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:D Ryan is on my mind all the time! I really truly love RyRy and I, Bear will never quit. "I can't quit you darlin' you've been so good to me" =) and you're the greatest to me, I love you ever so much!

♡. Definitely my Girlfriend.

💙💙You are that girl changed my life for the better.and you have permanently imprinted your heart on mine! You are the love of my life and a dream come true! I can't and don't want to imagine my life without you in it!

Kiss Me on Pinterest | Lesbian Love, Hold Me and Kiss You

I'd cuddle the fuck out of you with my thighs and kiss your face endlessly with my juicy lips.

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I have a temptation a deep desire, I just wish to kiss her so deeply yet I have made it illegal with my own mind. One sided lesbian love is troublesome

when you meet someone, special, you'll know, your heart will beat more rapidly and you'll smile for no reason

when you meet someone, special, you'll know, your heart will beat more rapidly and you'll smile for no reason. This is so true. Every time I see you my heart beats faster and I get a big smile.

“It’s true. We don’t have it as easy as ordinary couples. But this is no ordinary love.”

These 18 Quotes That Prove Love Knows NO Distance

Long distance relationships are hard as hell. Here are 18 long distance love quotes for him to remind him that love knows NO distance.

All I can say is perfection. #perfection #love #quote

I want your lips pressed against mine, forgetting the entire world, just you, me, and the butterflies in my stomach.

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Get you cute butt over here and give me a fucking hug! Thats my favorite quote

nothing makes sense without her

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The Best By Far - Beautiful Love Quote