Liam gallagher

Liam Gallagher

This Is What Glastonbury Looked Like In 1995

Kangol hats. Summer or furry.

Nineties nostalgia

What we call today a bucket hat, reminiscent of the kangol hat shown here. Already making a comeback.

All the guitars broken and all hotel rooms trashed (Liam Gallagher by Kevin Cummins)

Liam Gallagher by Kevin Cummins Saved for you by Venus Flowers, Manchester

Liam Gallagher photographed by Mark Seliger

i think people in the were influenced by the way people like liam gallagher wore there clothes and accessories like these glasses

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The deterioration in relations between the Gallagher brothers was revealed in papers lodged at the High Court, detailing accusations of domestic abuse, violent assault and a pattern of "spiteful and childish" behaviour.