Circular Tree Tattoo Design on Forearm by María Fernández

40+ Achingly Beautiful Tree Tattoos

so bitchin.

DNA "tree of life" tree tattoo design. Like the idea, think it could be executed more effectively

lauryn tree leg

Black tree with watercolor background behind the branches, defined roots, and small birds flying . Quote "She gave me the roots to grow and the wings to fly"

With an anatomical heart at the bottom instead of a skull, and sparrows or owl silhouettes in the tree for each child

celtic ash tree tattoos | Inspiration image 0ad40a29d8dfb713b3eda34fd058cac

Tree of Life tattoo (i want to add this to my tree i already have. Make it a little more circular with the blossoms like the tree of life).


PapiRouge - Tattoo hourglass idea without wood and a pretty tree inside or a bird into a peacock