Mother Knows Best (1997) A woman urges her daughter to get married. And when her daughter does, she doesn't think that she made a good choice. So she goes out and hires a killer to kill her son-in-law. Joanna Kerns, Christine Elise, Grant Show...2b

'Mother Knows Best:' A true story based on Lee Goldsmith ( - Narcissistic mothers takes "Control issues" to a whole new level.

Double Daddy (2015)                                                       …

Find more movies like Double Daddy to watch, Latest Double Daddy Trailer, A teen's life turns upside down when her boyfriend impregnates both her and a new student at school.

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41 Crazy Lifetime Movies That Are Actually Based On True Stories

"No One Would Tell" starring Candace Cameron and Fred Savage

NOONE WOULD TELL-starring candace cameron, fred savage,season hubley and heather mccomb--imdb

Girl Positive - 6.25.07 - Starring Jennie Garth

Watch the movie girl positive online. Teen-oriented message movie like girl, positive would have. California girl who gets dumped by her more positive films on.

A Daughter's Nightmare | Lifetime Movies

A Daughter's Nightmare the death of her husband, Ariel's mother Dana finds a friend in the mysterious Adam. When Dana's health starts to fail, Ariel suspects Adam might not have the best of intentions.

Babysitter's Black Book~ wow can't believe this actually happened

Lifetime never met a CNN headline it didn't like, and it found one ripe for TV movie adaptation in Babysitter's Black Book , based on the story reported by ABC News of real-life high schoolers who allegedly turned to running a prostitution ring in or…

A Childs Cry for Help Lifetime movie

A Childs Cry for Help Lifetime movie

Lifetime Movies, Classic Movies For Kids, A Child, Crying, Movie Posters, Netflix, Movie Tv, Addiction, Movies To Watch

Perfect High - 6.27.15 - Starring Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Finds The 'Perfect High' In Brand New Stills From Lifetime Movie: Photo Bella Thorne gets close with Israel Broussard in this new still from their upcoming Lifetime movie, Perfect High. The upcoming made-for-TV movie centers on Amanda…

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A husband-and-wife team kidnap and murder three young girls in this shocking story, which is based on a real event. Paul Bernardo (Misha Collins) and Karla Homolka's (Laura Prepon) exploits fascinated

"Donna Martin Dept.": Death goes on in this Lifetime drama with "Becca Thatcher" as a teen who's jealous of a popular girl. AKA "A Friend to Die For." Also starring "Rhoda," "John Locke," "Lily Rush," "Phillip Banks," and "Libby Chessler."

Death Of A Cheerleader aka A Friend to Die For 1994 DVD. Lifetime TV Movie Drama starring Tori Spelling, Kellie Martin, Valerie Harper and James Avery