Random thought... this made me think of Gabe Building a subtle lighting setup from Fstoppers | by Clay Cook

Colored and styled men's hair Photography: Clay Cook Additional Processing: Jordan Hartley Model: Micah Severo Ruelas Makeup: Isidro Valencia Hair: Matthew Tyldesley Photography Assistant: Brandy Fulton

I write in more detail about my experiences on this film HERE if you're  interested :) As for the lighting plan, the one immediately below shows  what I was planning before I had seen the set...and then the detailed one  below that is actually how I lit it.  Most of the shots for this scene were

LARGE SOURCE TUNGSTEN LUXURY (plus a rad set build)

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This photo has studio lighting and has 2 studio lights to the left and the right of the model. this lights p her face very well and makes this a great portrait.