Lil' Kim #Chanel.... the real Lil' Kim

Hip Hop's 10 Most Stylish Women Ever

This is what Lil Kim looked like in the late ’90s… | 34 Rap Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

This is what Lil Kim looked like in the late '90s...

Most iconic pastie? The rapper wore a shocking half-topless jumpsuit to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1999 that exposed her left breast covered with a purple patch.

Lil Kim, for the insert of Hard Core, 1996

How Lil’ Kim flipped sexuality on her iconic debut

This is The Queen Bee not Fox Boogie

“Chinchilla Bitch and Her Rap Games Sick, . Its Kimmy Blanco Get To Know The Name wha wha”

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17 Pictures Of Lil Kim Wearing Chanel

(6) Post piaciuti | Tumblr

lil kim outfit: If it is furry, pink, and revealing you can bet Lil' Kim is going to wear it.

Lil Kim

lilkimuk: Rare: Lil’ Kim (credit to IG: nynightclubbing) 4 Eva💎💖✨

Little Kim

Lil kim was really the first hardcore female rapper who flaunted sexual appeal and was incredibly famous even after Biggie's death.even with a lil work done to her face and body she was still gorgeous