Swing Dance Family tree. Didn't even know this existed...News to me that modern jive is a swing dance.

This is what I've been trying to figure out, how Swing dances evolved! It's the Swing Dance Family tree!

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Lindy hop - original swing dance, frequently described as a jazz dance, that includes footwork borrowed from Charlston and Tap

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Aaaaaah I LOVE swing dancing so much I wish I wasn’t a beginner and that I was a pro and could do competitive swing/lindy hop!

Estas 30 Fotos Dicen Más Palabras Sobre La Humanidad Que Cualquier Discurso Que…

Estas 30 Fotos Dicen Más Palabras Sobre La Humanidad Que Cualquier Discurso Que Hayas Escuchado

Swing Dancing - I wish dancing were still an integral part of American culture. REAL Dancing: have-a-great-time dancing among friends. Swing, jazz, jitterbug, line-dancing.

Are you happy? If not, dance Lindy Hop! :) #hopspot #lindyhop

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Born For Lindy Hop Art Print

Born For Lindy Hop Art Print

You can see the soul and rhythm in these dancers faces! Notice the white folks watching trying to figure out these new steps! LOL

Stompin’ at the Savoy Cornell Capa captures the true beauty of the Lindy Hop at the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem, NYC,