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Wind in his mane, focused and Ready To Pounce 2 by Joe VanEpps* In a world with predators why do we not consider as like wind there are unseen forces.

Different Types Of Lions

10 Different Types Of Lions with Fact and Pictures

Hide your eyes, they speak the truth

Lion: "It's not Monday. It's not Monday. Please don't let it be Monday.

I want this on a canvas on my wall.... I adore lions & this picture tells a story in my eyes

A king only bows down to his queen. I couldn't agree more. I LOVE IT

A mature male lion has a mane that covers the backside of the head and shoulders.

10 Amazing Lion Sculptures Made From Surprising Stuff...

<3 10 CREATIVE Lion Sculptures carved from rather surprising things ( ... including one thing you can only get from a hotel ... ) // Click here to view: <3

10 Amazing Lion Sculptures Made From Surprising Stuff...

This is the most beautiful picture of a Lion I’ve ever seen. This is my new phone background

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Original Lion Paintings - Alan M Hunt Wildlife Artist UK

Original Lion Paintings African Lions Lioness Cubs On Target The Warrior Beauty and Beast Mighty Magnificent for sale by Alan M Hunt images pictures best images

This is why Trophy Hunting Should Be Banned! These Beautiful Lions Have Families Too.

Tiger Photo by Paul Hayes -- National Geographic Your Shot #NatGeoPhotoCuration

Photograph by Paul Hayes Tiger A female sumatran tiger approaches through the bamboo. This is Puna, and was shot as part of a photography day at the wonderful Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent 0 773 26 1

Look my pretty spots.

☀ young male clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) PhotoDragonBird on DeviantArt animal pet amazing adorable cute big cat nature ~~ JUST BEAUTIFUL ~~ Me- clouded leopards are such beautiful animals of nature!