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be "lion" if I said I had to try to get my hair like this, I finally found a costume fitting for my untamed, unruly, frizz hair

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I love the hair buns as ears, though Karol think it would be uncomfortable.

'The mask is 27cm wide from ear to ear and 26cm high. My three-year-old son…

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'The mask is wide from ear to ear and high. My three-year-old son loves kissing my mask because it looks like a teddy bear to him,' said Ava - "Ava Brennan plays lioness Nala in ‘The Lion King’ at London’s Lyceum Theatre"

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Lioness Makeup

August 10 is World Lion Day. Make your makeup roar too. Take for instance this lioness makeup from Isn't this fierce?

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We like this for the lionesses. If a good drawing was provided, could the parents manage the makeup for the lionesses from home rather than having the makeup team do them all? Or maybe the makeup team does just the eyes.