Little mix funny

Prefer the ones on the right, shows them for the crazy people they are

I love these girls! I can't explain how funny, pretty, and amazing these girls are. If you haven't heard of them yet, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you. Little Mix!

Perrie Edwards. Little Mix. Funny. Literally  perrie right now aha

Perrie is me.I am Perrie.We are one. No seriously, I am always eating I love to eat. I love the other stuff but I am not in little mix so.

Little Mix came on in the shoe store that I'm in so I put on high heels and now I'm dancing and strutting like omf what's wrong with me

My weakness are these girls their beauty, their voices, their down to earth attitude. I especially love Perrie I hope, wish, and dream to be her brunette best friend haha

I'm sorry, but I've got a little obsession with cartoon celebrities! :P

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Jade and Leigh : OMG that was so funny  Jesy and Perrie : They're crazy

Jade and Leigh : OMG that was so funny Jesy and Perrie : They're crazy those face expressions are everything

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Little Mix Funny faces on the X Factor tour :p - Mixers HQ


I grab a pair of scissors or a that normal?

This is adjsjjsuesjj you guys are all invited to my funeral I'm going to die

yup ok im done. all sad songs at my funeral must come from albums