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Can You Recognize Dog Breeds By Their Eyes?

This little one is not a Papillon but rather an adorable chihuahua - long hair - or is this sweetie still a young pup - help out if you know.

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Long Hair Chihuahua Puppy / How to train a Chihuahua tipsfordogs. *** Click image for more details about playing with pet dogs.

Different Types of Chihuahua

6+ Different Types of Chihuahuas Dog Mixes Breeds with Pictures

long-haired chihuahua, I love their big marble eyes, my Muffin has the prettiest this is my sisters dog twin!

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this is the dog i will probably get when i have an apartment in college because most say that your dog has to be under 30 pounds or something like that and i cant imagine trying to survive through college with no dog Animals, Chihuahuas

Facts About Long Hair Chihuahua

Secret Facts About Long Hair Chihuahua [You Must Know!]

Facts About Long Hair Chihuahua

Long Hair Chihuahua...reminds me a bit of my beloved Gizmo xx

It is a Pomeranian-[long-haired] Chihuahua. I have one that looks just like this only she is tri-color. My little Sophie. Best little Pom-Chi in the world