Longhorn Cattle.        As you can see, the calves are born without any horns. This comes as a great relief, I can assure you, to young expectant mothers.

Longhorn Cattle---I love having longhorns and will miss them as ours our moving to a ranch down south…they are not meat cattle so they are named and precious to us…we will have Angus and others coming in. Looking for Highlanders

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Registered Texas Longhorns in Europe! The most beautiful cattle in the world !

This Longhorn Watusi Mix | 21 Animals That Are Horny AF

This Longhorn Watusi Mix

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Using Steer Manure To Amend Soil In The Yard - Using steer manure can be an excellent way to add nutrients to plants. An important consideration is its high nitrogen content, so composting is preferable. This article will help with that.