50 Greatest Matching Tattoos for Couples and Individuals

50 Greatest Matching Tattoos for Couples and Individuals

Jodi   I want this tattoo, like yesterday. The two birds will always be together, lovingly looking out for one another.

75 Hottest Birds Tattoos

"I bet this would look absolutely adorable on a smaller scale" bird tattoo bird tatto tattoos tattoos sparrow tattoo and white sparrow patterns design

"love birds" i could see this being a good couples tat. No names, just love,

Tiny Tattoo’s

Small love birds on a branch tattoo. maybe I'll add 4 little birds on a branch below :)

Birds In Love Temporary Tattoo

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Hippieish :)

Colorful Birds Tattoo by Marvin Silva - The bird on top represents the client's hippie brother, hence the tie dye colors. And the bottom bird r


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