The Love Dare, going to try this with the hubby.

And no, not just Twilight – or as of recently the Hunger Games. My real passion is ‘Self-Help’ books. When we lived in our rental home, we…

The Love Dare, Day 26

I love today’s Dare – confessing an issue that you are having, and resolve to fix it.Problems are so much easier when there are 2 individuals working on them, agreeing to fix things.

From the Love Dare.  This is why betrayal hurts so deeply. Times are going to get hard, but when the other person bails...everything your relationship was built on turns to ashes.

From the Love Dare. Relationships are hard. And the honeymoon phase eventually goes away. Standing by someone through tough times is a direct reflection of your commitment.

The Love Dare, Day 16

Todays challenge doesn’t involve doing anything with your spouse, it involves you asking the Lord for help. Regardless of religion – The Lord has the opportunity to soften hearts, and c…