Yep, a smart man in love will know this and always remember, a single flower for "no reason", a "date brunch" or "date night" unexpectedly... DATE and make time for each other and you will never lose each other. Never lose touch. Never lose the friendship that brought you together.

Chase her. Chase her when she's already yours. I'm very sure of her love. but i love the chase and i love her. so I will continue to do everything to keep our relationship and love fresh and new!

Love Quotes For Him

60 Love Quotes That Help You Tell Him EVERYTHING You Truly Feel

For when you just don't have the right words, here's some love quotes for him that will - for SURE - make his heart melt.

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I want you, the good things, and the bad things.. I will still love all of you.

awesome Looking for Inspiring Love Quotes? Here are 10 Inspirational Love Quot.

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I love you so much Wise Girl and even if I have to wait all year I will never stop loving you. One year is worth the rest of our lives I promise. I love you Wise Girl till past the and if time.

Think Of Her? Here Are The Best Love Quotes For Her

The 63 Love Quotes For Her

There is always someone inside our heart that is irreplaceable. Here are the 63 love quotes for her.