Proud mommy of an angel

I'm a angel mom to a angel baby girl. One day I will carry my sweet precious angel baby in my arms.


In Honor 🏅 of Mother's Day 📆: 7 Things Mom Really 💯 Was Right 👍🏼 about ...

In Honor 🏅 of Mother's Day 📆: 7 Things Mom Really 💯 Was Right 👍🏼 about .

You make my life worth living, like u once said If I never met u my life would be a dull and boring life and u were right because I cant even imagine what I would do if u and I never became friends and I cant even remember a lot from the time before I met u.

I know you as a friend a best friend a sister You are there through ups and downs You make the day an adventure You make my life the funniest joke We fit like the moon and the sun We duel like dark VS. Light You made me laugh and have hope that I would.

Beautiful.<<<<< This is actually false, he was not addled(mentally ill) but in reality dyslexic which he was told about from the very moment he was diagnosed by his school at the time, but his mom did take him out of school and educated him at home for some time.

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It's hard not to cry my Juliet. Your father, Paris, and I especially miss you more than ever :(

Michael on

I miss you there's many that have left this earth too soon over the years but when i remember you the more it brings closer that things are better now. Your time was limited but well lived. I love you and miss you everyday!

50+ Photography to Celebrate Happy Mother’s Day

50+ Photography to Celebrate Happy Mother's Day

2014  ~  My first christmas without you ...MOM.I LOVE U, AND MISS U MORE THAN U KNOW!

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Elegant WordArt 2: Daughter

˘◡˘ ᐝ i experienced every single emotion life has to give with you Heather, my beautiful daughter ~ i love you endlessly.

35 Daughter Quotes: Mother Daughter Quotes - Part 6

35 Daughter Quotes: Mother Daughter Quotes

Gain closure and find peace with your relationship with food and your body by writing a final, goodbye letter to your eating disorder.

U2 The Sweetest Thing--this is soooo true! "Green eyed boy"

A blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl. the sweetest thing! :) This will always remind me of someone!