mandala style and flowers tattoo on lower arm

Get the sun mandala on the shoulder. Get the snowflake mandala on forearm, add future kids and spouse flowers as filler later to complete sleeve. ++spiritual sun and fairbanks home produce and connect with future family=sleeve concept

Peony tat lower arm

Love how thik the lines are. peonies + chrysanthemum floral forearm for Jordan(general design but with sweet peas)

Flower tattoos on the lower arm Yes Please <3

Rose sleeve tattoo for girl. Trying to find the perfect rose 🤔 I need two small ones .

Hi friends! I've made a nice set of 27 tattoos designs featuring rose flowers found mainly on Instagram. I recommend you to visit the artist's page because they have a bunch more and they are all gorgeous! Without further ado, here are the pics. Enjoy! 1. flower collar bone tattoos 2. Small rose neck tattoo 3. Rose tattoo made in white ink 4. Roses tattoos on arm by james_armstrong_html 5. Tina Cantina's hip rose tattoo 6. Roses flowers tattoos on arms with shade by _dr_woo_ 7. Bl...

27 Inspiring Rose Tattoos Designs

Feather Tattoo 46

101 Adorable Feather Tattoo Ideas For Women

Arm tattoo the mix between the toughness of the numbers and the softness of the feathers.