Calf Tattoo, under the foot

12 Calf Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

Ankle Tattoo Designs for Girls Ankle tattoos look very stunning. Some of the most commonly ankle tattoo designs are the hearts, butterflies,.

Ok so my foot tattoo design is slowly turning into a lower leg tattoo...I cant help myself!

Check Out 35 Best Leg Tattoo Designs for Women. Suppose if we are talking straight about the sexy leg tattoo designs for women then one must be aware about the complications they can face while tattooing their legs.

The colours make it look astonishingly like a vintage botanical print ~ I love this way too much!                                                                                                                                                      More

kirstenmakestattoos: “ progress on a floral lower leg sleeve on Elizabeth! tattoo on outside of her leg not by me, by the by. ” by kirsten holliday!

I wish i could draw this!!! I also want it as a tattoo!!

This first one is for a tattoo design for a friend from work. (I rarely accept commissions for tattoo designs.) And a quick sketch of a.


Best 70 Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Girls: 2016

Perfect Life Tattoo Quotes on Thigh - Not all those who wander are lost – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on thigh tattoo quotes, thigh quote tattoos to Personalize yourselves.

Lower Leg Mens Detailed Moth Tattoos

Explore cool benevolent bugs with the top 90 best moth tattoos for men. Discover masculine nocturnal inspect design ideas and ink inspiration.

Lily Tattoo on Leg. via

35 Pretty Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

absolutely feminine & stunning leg tattoo, I don't like leg tattoos, on an arm or rib cage would be awesome!

Illustration: an ink painting of a tiger by Cédric Stéphane Touati, lovely for a animal-themed child or baby room.

Tiger Ink - Cédric Stéphane Touati Love the pose of the tiger would want something like this but in a tradition tattoo style 😍😍