Hahaha look at there faces!

Blondies - 05: When blondies form a bond

Here we have most of the Lucy ships. Nalu-the canon ship. Graylu-the awesome ship ;) Stinglu-don't know much about. Lolu-the celestial ship. Dan x Lucy-the canon/stalker ship. They missed Laxlu-the crack ship.

Couples night, but I guess Mira and Laxus have other plans. ;)

Before 2014 ends, let's celebrate it with a kiss! by on DeviantArt. I just realised this was Laxus kissing Mirajane haha

I love how the all the people that are paired together are in each other's spots!

This is so cute! And all the more for the couples: Gajeel x Levy/Natsu x Lucy/ Cobra x Kinana/ Bickslow x Lisana/Jellal x Erza!

Grandkids!! by CDArtCD I don't support this ship I like Nalu the most but this is still cute.

meh i dont really like the idea of laxus n lucy. i think they would personally have more of a sibling relationship like the rest of hav

I got a request some time ago about a Laxus x Lucy moment. I’m actually a NaLu shipper. But the idea of Laxus protecting Lucy and confessing his love for her…well… It made my heart skip a beat ^^ I.