This was supposed to be the GameCube's equivalent of Super Mario 64, but obviously things didn't pan out that way.  Despite mixed reception, the game became commercially successful, found a devoted fanbase, and apparently warrants a sequel on 3DS (which isn't out yet as of this writing).

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Fan art of Luigis Mansion ghosts!

It's Melody playing the piano! Jarvis is the one in the jar, the one sleeping is…

Luigi's Mansion - Can't wait till the new one is out!

A huge gallery of artwork including Luigi, supporting characters, ghosts, the Gloomy Manor and the Poltergust from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for Nintendo

Luigi's Mansion

Wallpaper collection

I just loved this game - Luigi doesn't get enough credit as a playable character

Luigi's Mansion. I grew up with the GameCube, and I loved Luigi's Mansion.

Luigi's Mansion is a 2001 video game produced by Nintendo and released as a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube.

Luigi's Mansion 3 comic - Dark Illusions - 2 by Princesa-Daisy

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