Luigi Portrait Watercolor Art Print Geek Videogame Nintendo

Luigi Portrait Watercolor Art Print, Geek Videogame Nintendo Supermario Decor

#allaboardthefeelstrain DONT CRY LUIGI!! MARIO AND I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!!*cries uncontrollably*

Whenever my brother and I played Mario Bros, he always choose Mario and of course I had to be Luigi. But goddamn, was the best damn Luigi I could be.

The Year Of Luigi by on @deviantART

In honor of the year of Luigi last year (& continuing into this year), I decided to make a poster. Luigi has always been my favorite Mario brother, . The Year Of Luigi

Note the fact that Mario is cosplaying as Pikachu at the bottom. LOL. Amazing fan art. Imagine Link and Luigi having their own game together!!!

Switching tunics - Luigi & Link <--- Link looks good in overalls! is that Mario dressed up as Pikachu?o<----- No, Pikachu as Mario!