Paramedic Student Central: Lung Sounds Reference Chart

A common issue that a lot of EMS personnel have issues with, is checking lung sounds. Lungs sounds can be a vital tool to identifying what i.

Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer

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Adventitious breath sounds, auscultation, lungs, nursing

Pinning to show to my orientees! They always ask me and I'm terrible at explaining lung sounds.

Nursing School: Assessment Mnemonics

Nursing School: Assessment Mnemonics -because trying to figure out what kind of lung sounds are which still cause me stress

Možda si bila u pravu . . . Hropci u zatajenju srca, krepitacije definitivno u fibrozi pluća . . . Provjerit ću još te krepitacije/hropce u zatajenju srca/edemu pluća . . .

Lung sounds to know for interpreting the medical appointments and exams related to breathing, breath sounds lungs, asthma, copd, etc Just need to add strider to this list.

Lung Sounds (Abnormal) Crackles (Rales) Wheezes (Rhonchi) Stridor Pleura...

Abnormal lung sounds that include crackles (formerly called rales), stridor, wheezes (formerly called rhonchi), pleural friction rub, and stridor.

Adventitious sounds in respiratory assessment - Jarvis

Adventitious sounds in respiratory assessment - Jarvis (I like the sound descriptions with this one because I have a hard time differentiating "high pitch" and "low pitch")