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The Best and Historic Magazine Cover Designs

Mad Magazine Jaws Issue 1976. I remember reading these in the back facing seat in the rear of the station wagon.

Mad Magazine Jaws Issue 1976 - My sister used to get these for me

MAD Magazine - read these all the time.  Back then they made fun of everybody not just conservatives.

MAD Magazine - "What me worry? I read Mad" ~Back then they made fun of everybody, not just conservatives.

The 10 Greatest ‘MAD’ Magazine Covers – Flavorwire

The 10 Greatest ‘MAD’ Magazine Covers

This month marks MAD’s year of bringing comedy, pop culture satire, and high-quality potty humor to America. To commemorate it, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite covers.


The Singularity – What, Me Worry?

As a Teenager I loved the satirical humor of Mad Magazine and even bought the paperback "Best Of Mad" books. OK, I confess. I bought a magazine about a year ago too.

MAD magazine  This magazine cover, I want to talk about the colour scheme used. Gradients of browns ranging from warm to cool, also the use of other  colours, but its dominant colours are within the mid range of Yellow to Crimson. Having a overall colour scheme lets the mood of the illustration and allows you to get an overall flow of an illustration rather then having parts of the images working against the other. The subject matter itself is quite humorous.

60 hilarious sci-fi spoof covers from 60 years of MAD magazine

MAD #459 | Mad Magazine

This month marks the anniversary of MAD magazine. In all those years, it has lampooned nothing better, perhaps, than genre movies and TV.