C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #161

C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #161

It's time to give Superman his greatest villain ever on the big screen, ladies and gentlemen I give you Mads Mikkelsen as our Lex Luthor. Now Mads will not be our offi.

Mads <3 going to meet him soon!!!!!!!!

No words - [no seriously, is there a doctor in the house Caroline Charles Leigh doesn't do speechless] - Mads Mikkelsen, ispirazione per Patrick Kelly, Avvocato, Irlandese e Socialista ;

Man with tattoos.

“I was just trying to do tattooed Mads, but damn the Nigel feels are so strong with this one.

mads mikkelsen, hannibal set

secretempires: “Timeless Cool: Mads Mikkelsen Having a smoke break on the set of Hannibal, Season ”

Session 040 - 003 - Mads Mikkelsen Source

Mads Mikkelsen as Gabriel Fletcher - '“Well,” Gabriel cleared his throat, there was an awkward pause with both men not quite sure what to make of each other. “I’m happy to do anything in my power to assist Dr Blake. She is an impressive woman.

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Set to having a new life with the man he loves, Hannibal Lecter was still as fashionable as he was when he was still a free man in Baltimore, Maryland. Hannibal Lecter: After The Fall Fashion