Watercolor House

batcii: “ break-sketches from the past couple days: sometimes bc he;s usually having to mediate aedan (aka Drama Bitch™) i forget that eli can be the sulkiest little grump-baby alive.

I tried to create someone like this but I couldn’t do it right and I’m so glad someone did it right

Earth-Chan/Terra-Chan this is my favorite of all the Earth-chans, so what sue me!>>> Earth-Kun is so sexy

Ashley by CrystalCurtis.deviantart.com on @deviantART . Character Sketch / Drawing Illustrations

He’s named Ashley, because his mom was a big Gone With The Wind fan. Oh, plus some random eyes and some practice hands from reference. Or miss understood character

yeah i had to sketch this dude…….. ultimate hair envy :3 (obviously heavily reffed lol)   |   By Hanni

captainhanni: “yeah i had to sketch this dude……. ultimate hair envy (obviously heavily reffed lol) ”