If I ever get the balls to get this much ink please let my tattoos be this pretty

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Mandala, foot tattoo on TattooChief.com

Check out Foot tattoo or other mandala foot tattoo designs that will blow your mind, tattoo ideas that will be your next inspiration.

Interesting mandala foot tattoo

Interesting placement for mandala foot tattoo

legg tattoo

By Alex Deschenes

The Sun, the Moon and the Truth - 31 of the Prettiest Mandala Tattoos on Pinterest - Livingly

Up your tattoo aesthetic with all of the prettiest mandala-inspired tattoo ideas…

Flower henna foot tattoo #sergeyanuchin #foot #tattoo

By Sergey Anuchin

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Foot tattoo cover up

Mandala Foot Tattoo by Dave Freeman

Mandala Foot Tattoo by Dave Freeman I love this

Mandala Foot Tattoo at MyBodiArt

50+ Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas for the Bold

Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas for the Bold

Mandala foot tattoo - A really pretty mandala foot tattoo. This tattoo is done in colored ink and as you can see, bright colors have been used to create a positive and bright aura from the mandala.

50 Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas

Love the teal

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15 Most Alluring Lotus Tattoo Designs To Get Inspired

this tattoo reminded me of the time I used to do henna (paste) at festivals…Hours and hours of drawing sirls and dots on girls hands,arms and feet,:). Freehand lotus in henna style.

Artist: Ellie Thompson, @tattoocrazy123

Mehndi/mandala inspired foot and ankle piece incorporating some Buddhist symbology.

Mandala food tattoo

i just hate feet tattoos

Henna ankle work by Flo Nuttall                                                                                                                                                                                 More

60+ Gorgeous Mandala Tattoos You'll Wish Were Yours

Gorgeous Mandala Tattoos You'll Wish Were Yours - TattooBlend

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i really like the shape, size, and placement of this one

I want this on mine!!!

Mandala on foot henna inspiration