Manic panic blue

manic panic | Manic-Panic-Amplified-Indonesia

i currently have atomic turquoise- thinking about going with the ultra violet next time

THIS COLOR IS AMAZING!! The stunning @breannurlaub used #RockabillyBlue dilued…

THIS COLOR IS AMAZING! The stunning breannurlaub used dilued with our award-winning for the perfect shade of smokey blue. by manicpanicnyc

Manic panic tip

if u have colored hair. Rinsing your hair with white vinegar immediately after dyeing can help lock in color by raising the pH level. Love the color

Always had a weak spot for purple hair. Finally nailed it. Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream Manic Panic Electric Lava

manicpanicnyc: hairbylizzy: Glad to not be blue anymore. Nearly four months of the same color scheme is utterly boring. Manic Panic Deep Purple DreamManic Panic Hot Hot PinkManic Panic Electric Lava is incapable of being boring.

Blue Hair. Kirsten Mclennan (Manic Panic - Electric Amethyst)

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