I like the simplicity of the lines, but there's a particular whimsical quality about this map, too.

Event map

Snippet of the event info page from a promotional brochure for the 2013 Battle of the Bands charity event benefitting the East Durham Children's Initiative.

Studio Jimbo Graphic design & Art Direction

jimbobarbu: “ Spectrum of city spots, appears in the three skateboarding yearbooks, De Paris, Of London & Aus Berlin, in collaboration with Nike Skateboarding. Map design and Graphic Design by Studio.

Les Olympiades Wayfinding System on Behance

Wayfinding system developed for the Les Olympiades district in the arrondissement in Paris, France. IntroductionLes Olympiades, located in the arrondissement of Paris, is an above street level plaza that contains a mixture of residential bui…

Look & feel à appliquer sur la carte de France (netteté des traçés, couleur pleine en fond, surimpression du blueprint en couleur plus fonçée)

UrbanCyclr is a smart phone application for bikers and also the topic of my MA Diploma.


Inspiration - maps - Ad Summit 2014 Subic Map

築地のパン屋さん「オリミネベーカーズ(ORIMINE BAKERS)」の紙もの

築地のパン屋さん「オリミネベーカーズ(ORIMINE BAKERS)」の紙もの

Hotel Cycle - Onomichi U2                                                                                                                                                                                 More

ONOMICHI U2 : UMA design farm

Logo and visual identity of the cyclist-friendly resort Onomichi by UMA / design farm.

"Cherish Your Surrounds"

to resolve project - Tim Boelaars - I like the way in which this design uses one line to mark important land marks. A simple yet effective design.

9 | An Awesome Neon Map Of Paris | Co.Design | business + design  Manchester and Paris

An Awesome Neon Map Of Paris

9 An Awesome Neon Map Of Paris Co.Design business + design Manchester and Paris