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Marauder armored vehicle seats 10 including the driver.

The Marauder, a totally street legal South African military vehicle. The other car in this picture is a Hummer. This thing can climb over other cars and drive through brick walls.

The Marauder Armored Vehicle: from The South African military. The hummers a classic (and thats an btw) but look at the size difference!

Calibre 10 Racing by Bongfish

Marauder armored vehicle.

Meet the Marauder, the toughest vehicle on the planet, literally. Top Gear, the UK tv show (with an American version as well) went in search of the world’s most unstoppable vehicle…

Mercury Marauder

2004 Mercury Marauder Pictures: See 80 pics for 2004 Mercury Marauder. Browse interior and exterior photos for 2004 Mercury Marauder.

thanks for driving me away, well actually, thanks for using my bike to help me escape

I feel like a modern Neville would bike everywhere to help save the environment?

pantech marauder

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