Margot  Frank (16 February 1926 – early March 1945) was the elder daughter of Otto and Edith Frank, and the older sister of Anne Frank

Margot Frank - the forgotten sister of Anne Frank

Margot Betti Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Jewish parents, Otto and Edith Frank in She was the eldest daughter of this couple and the elder sister to Anne Frank, famous for her diary describing a life in hiding from the Gestapo.

Not much has been published over the last 60 years about Margot Frank (1926-1943), the 3-year older sister of Ann Frank. The Dutch author Sophie Zijlstra has written a novel about the life of Margot Frank based on the historic research. According to publishing house Querido, this is the first time the story of Margot Frank, who together with Ann and her parents was hiding in The Achterhuis on the Prinsengracht, has been told. Margot died in 1945 in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen…

Edith and Otto Frank walking with Anne and Margot in Frankfurt, Germany. The photograph is dated "March but Anne was born in 1929 in Frankfurt. The date of this photograph from the personal album of the Frank family must be wrong.

Anne Frank's history: Anne Frank at the Jewish Lyceum

Anne Frank's history: Anne Frank at the Jewish Lyceum

By order of the Nazis, Jewish children are no longer allowed to attend regular schools. Special schools are set up for them.

Happier days for Margot and Anne Frank before the nightmare they'd never escape began (from Inknscroll).

Margot and Anne Frank.Margot (left) and Anne Frank on the beach at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, August

Anne Frank and sister . Anne Frank kept a diary during the war. She and her family were hidden from the Nazi's in the attic of a house in Holland and then they were apprehended in 1944 and Anne died in Bergen-Belsen prison camp from Typhus.                                                                                                                                                      More

Margot Frank - the forgotten sister of Anne Frank

Margot Frank memorial in Bergen-Belsen, Germany. Anne and Margot Frank were victims of the Holocaust and died from typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

February 16, 1926: Born, Margot Frank. According to her younger sister Anne, Margot also kept a diary, but none has ever been found. With the rest of her family, Margot went into hiding in Amsterdam, where she was later arrested by the Gestapo. Her dream had been to immigrate to Israel and become a midwife. She died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the age of 19.

Margot Frank, Anne Frank's sister died in concentration camp, March just before it's liberation

Anne and sister Margot at the beach

wear matching outfits (sisters Anne and Margot Frank - before life changed forever)